Yoga for the Special Child


Yoga for the Special Child™ uses yoga to work with infants and children who have special needs such as but not limited to:

  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ADHD
  • Learning Difficulties
  • and Physical Difficulties

This method acknowledges and works with the whole child where many therapies focus on one specific area. Working with the whole child helps to integrate body and mind while improving strength, balance, flexibility, concentration, and self esteem.

Throughout Yoga for the Special Child ™ sessions, Gita works one-on-one with your child. Each session lasts 30-60 minutes depending on the child’s age and ability. Optimally, meeting one to two times per week in order to gain the most out of this yoga experience.

These sessions will be specifically designed for the needs of your child utilizing yoga poses, yoga breath, relaxation, sound, and eye exercies.

As children grow and develop, they may join children’s group classes.

WHY Yoga for the Special Child?

Motor improvements
relaxing muscles
strengthening muscles
loosening joints
decreasing pain
more fluidity to movement

concentration/ focus

being heard/ knowing own voice
being able to verbalize feelings
improving posture
using rhythms and music to encourage speech

Social Skills
one on one

Self Acceptance

Accepting Limitations

Learning to transcend Limitations

Body Awareness

Yoga can be customized to the individual

******* Self Esteem********

Gita (Krista) Zember is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher and owner of BE yoga with extensive experience working with individuals with special needs. She has completed advanced training and mentorship with Sonia Sumar, internationally renowned author and creator of Yoga for the Special Child™. Krista completed her BA in Social Work and has always been an advocate with a heart full of compassion for anyone in need. When working with children, Gita’s patience, warmth and calm demeanor often induce a profound peace and stillness in parent and child alike. She takes time to build a relationship and connect with each child, understanding that every child and every family’s needs are unique.

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