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India Stories & Charity Auction 2015tiff
















Bidding Online Starts June 17th 
EVENT June 28th @ 2pm 
Potluck @ 4:30 and Kirtan @6:15pm

Join Gita as she shares the stories and lots of pictures of her trip back to India. She will share with you how the girls we support in Kolkata rescued from sex trafficking, continue to grow, learn and blossom, the kids at the rural school will be growing into a new school and all the other great stories that always come with traveling to busy cities like Kolkata and Mumbai and to rural sacred islands in a sacred Shiva river in India!

Bidding starts June 17th. Any items not won through “Buy it now” will continue bidding live on the 28th at the Yurt.
Most winning Items may be shipped! Bid from Everywhere in the US!
Learn more about these organizations or make a donation visit: http://www.beyogayurt.com/seva/


BE yoga Karma Campaign 2015

Seva= Selfless Service. Giving with no expectation of return. It will be a huge focus at the Yurt in 2015. It is a huge part of all the yoga and spiritual traditions I have studied and a very important aspect of my daily practice. Yes, we do already give so much to the girls in India but I want to give YOU and opportunity to be involved even more. I want to give you even more of an opportunity to serve. Yes! There are always ways to participate, give, or volunteer, just ask to use your time and talents! That invitation has always been open. Now, we will 1) be doing some small projects locally, and 2) I also challenge YOU to take on the Karma Campaign Challenge.

Many of you have been around long enough to remember as I opened the Yurt community nearly 3 years ago, I donated ALL of that money the first year to the Global Seva Challenge and pledged to raise $20,000 for girls rescued from sex trafficking. I had never even earned $20,000 in a year at my jobs before so this was a really big deal to me. We did it. I went to India, and well, I think you know much of the story from there. This challenge of raising money took me out of myself and my element in so many ways. It was very life changing. I became so heart filled and heart broken, so amazed and empowered. I want to give YOU the opportunity to do the same. I want to challenge you to raise $1,000 this year. This money would go to the same great projects regarding the girls rescued from sex trafficking in Kolkata. We have funded after school care programs in red light districts, funded education, provided yoga programs and so much more…

Raising $1,000 throughout the year is less than $100 a month! You can tithe it yourself, ask others, hold fundraisers, get creative! I will be here to support your efforts and give you all sorts of ideas! If you think this sounds too easy? Pledge $2,000 or $5,000! My Goal is that this Karma Campaign will get 10 people to make it to the $1,000 mark or more! Let me know if YOU will pledge to this campaign. SIGN UPS HAVE BEGUN. Are you one of the 10? Make it official and send me an email to sign up! info@BEyogaYurt.com


Summer Solstice Ceremony & Kirtan with ISO and Gita 

Saturday June 20th 1:00pm-4:00pm

Special Solstice Event for Peace and Healing: all proceeds to Nepal Aid/ Sat Nam Foundation and Gita’s Girls in Kolkata

$40 donation

It’s been a rough season of change for our world.

Let’s join together for calm and support~~

Drinking in the maximum power of the Sun for our own healing and peace we will gather in one heart community.
We will begin with gentle Kirtan lead by Gita and then relax into a guided meditation and program of self healing by Iso, who will be joining us at the Yurt on a regular basis for individual and family healing sessions beginning July 2015.
We will offer remote healing of loved ones, and a planetary peace prayer before wrapping up with more Kirtan, by Olivia Vita.

Don’t miss this opportunity to steep in a rare moment of shared transformation and serenity. You deserve it.


Community Vegetarian Potluck and Kirtan

Join us for our monthly Vegetarian Potluck and Kirtan. We gather together to share in food, song and fun as a community based on peace. Bring a dish to share if you can (many are often vegan) and then we head to the yurt to sing ancient Sanskrit mantras that fill you with vibrations that will lift your spirit, open your heart and help you rid yourself of stress and frustrations! Gita/ Krista Zember and her friends and family will lead each month.

4:30pm Eat
6:00pm Chant

Families are most welcome. No experience necessesary. Come Sing, Listen, Dance or just soak it all in. Chant sheets will be provided. Come for some or all of the event!

June 28

July 12

August 9

September 13


Community Chant Circle & Satsanga

6:00pm Satsanga- questions about living yoga @ the Yurt
7:00pm Kirtan

I want to chant more with my friends. I love just getting together and chanting. Enjoying each other, the chant offerings we have and very little formality. So let’s do it more often.

It won’t just be me leading chants, but anyone who is interested in making their offering as the caller. Please do let me know ahead of time if YOU would like to lead a chant so I can plan accordingly.

Jun 2

July 7

August 4

September 1


Friday Night Chants

7:30pm @ the Yurt

We want to chant more and more! This evening will be a mix of guest artists and Gita’s Dream leading an evening of chanting the names of the Divine! All welcome! By Donation

Jun  26   Gita’s Dream

July  24   Adam Kandel

August 28   TBA

September  26  (tentative date)


Taking Your Chanting Deeper

7:00pm @ the Yurt

An opportunity to dive into chants with more understanding in your head and heart. We will often explore and experience just one mantra each evening, learning meaning, origin, and ways to use it. We will also work on chanting the Sanskrit alphabet.

Feb NO

Mar 24

Apr 28

May 26


Alexandria, VA


Sacred Mantras Kirtan

 7pm      Yoga in Daily Life 2402 Mt. Vernon, Alexandria

Gita’s Dream ॐ Kirtan brings these sacred sanskrit mantras to you to help you connect, heal and love from a deeper place. ALL welcome. Families welcome. Mantra sheets provided.

By donation. Donations benefit the girls Gita Works with that are rescued from sex trafficking in Kolkata, India.

June 27

August 22

September 26

October 24


Washington, DC


Kirtan for Everyone @ lil omm yoga

 7:00 pm                   4708 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington DC, 20016

Join Gita Zember & Gita’s Dream to explore an aspect of yoga many of us haven’t tried yet. Kirtan! Singing in a call and response format we will open our hearts, lift our spirits, and have fun! It is a great way to get into yoga without having to turn yourself into a pretzel. If you have ever sung “OM” before you are already on the path to kirtan. No knowledge of kirtan needed and no singing talent required.

ALL ages welcome.

This is a donation based event, $15 recommended for adults but no one turned away! All proceeds will be split between Women’s Interlink Foundation – Supporting Children who are survivors of sex trafficking in India and yoga teacher training for the women of Farashe Yoga Studio in Ramallah.

June 20

July 11

August 15

September 19