The Beginning of the Blog

So I have been running my own yoga business for about 4 years now. In order to keep up with the world I started a website and even did it myself. I then entered the world of Facebook only after I was down with vertigo for several months and I was bored out of my mind. I now LOVE it and don’t plan on giving it up. I have a Twitter account but I only have about 25 people following me and I don’t think any of them pay attention to what I have to tweet but I haven’t given up yet. Now I start the blog. I have been wanting to write a blog for a while. I had one for my family I started when living in Japan so people could see what was going on with our family and the birth of our first child but it was just updates and such. What I wanted was a yoga blog. Hmmmm. Maybe a Mindfulness blog. But I don’t just want to be writing to the wall and hoping people will read. What do you want to hear or learn? I would love to share knowledge of yoga, meditation, healthy eating, healthy families, and whatever else I have to offer. But what? Ramblings from me? Commentary on related articles? Yoga lessons? Philosophy? Please share with me so I can have an idea about what you want to know. I look forward to sharing my blogging journey with you. Namaste ॐ



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