Gita’s Dream Kirtan donates ALL money from their Kirtans to organizations they have personal relationships with. Here you can learn about these amazing groups that help give children opportunities at education and a better life. Money from the Annual DC Kirtan Fest and other fundraisers also go to these causes.  


One Time Donation:




Monthly Donation $10, $20 or $30:


Sanlaap North America from Students of the World on Vimeo.

Sanlaap rescues, shelters and empowers survivors of human trafficking.

We fight trafficking in two ways. The first is a direct impact initiative that involves providing shelter, education, and medical rehabilitation for girls we rescue from brothels. Our second approach, a very important one, is raising awareness on the issue and encouraging those around us to take action.

Gita’s Dream & BE yoga Support this organization through fundraisers and Kirtan Money. Helping in ways that are needed whether buying medicine, new sheets, playground equipment or more skills training supplies. This is also a home Gita visits on her trips to India. 


Women’s Interlink Foundation


Our vision is a world where disadvantaged women, vulnerable children and communities have access to basic amenities, and are empowered to improve their quality of life.

– Nijuloy Children’s Home

– Childcare Home

Gita’s Dream & Be yoga Support this organization comprised of 2 homes (and a third being built) through fundraisers and kirtan Money. We have funded a 3 year program providing yoga 3 days a week, 2 hours a day. We have also funded several Drop in Centers in the biggest red light districts in Kolkata. These drop in centers are for children to have a safe place to go after school, get some healthy food and further enrichment in their studies. Gita visits these homes, kicked off one of the yoga programs and stopped by the red light district drop in centers when visiting Kolkata. 

Made By Survivors / Relevee Jewelry

Our goal is to help these individuals, to empower them to rescue and protect others, and to be part of a global community who are proving every day that slavery can and will be ended. 

   This organization runs within the WIF homes, providing skills training and jobs as jewelers. You see their beautiful work at the Yurt and Kirtans Gita’s Dream takes on the road. Gita has had the pleasure to visit these jewelry centers several times and can’t wait to go back. All profits from the sales of their jewelry goes right back to India to continue supporting these young ladies. 


MAA Sharanam Ashram & School  


Children of Ma Banner














In Working with Children of MA to raise money for MAA Sharanam Ashram in Barawah, India, we are currently supporting the establishment of a new ashram, school, and hostel on the banks of the Narmada River near Barawah, India, that will serve an impoverished population of children who have no access to schooling of any kind.

After spending fourteen years founding and running a school for hundreds of indigent children — including the establishment of a full-time hostel program for 30 boys — Swami Gurusharanananda has been called to take on this new project so that even more children may receive the gift of an academic and spiritual education. He will establish the new hostel beginning with 30 extraordinary boys who have grown up under his guidance and received the benefit of his inspiration in all aspects of their life — their education, their spiritual practice, and their musical training. His vision is that these boys will be joined by other boys in need of full-time care and education and that there will be around 50 boys living at the new ashram and school by the end of 2015.

Gita’s Dream and BE yoga Support this organization through Fundraisers and kirtans. Gita is also a Board member of the Children of Ma Anandamayi Foundation lending support to this non-profit created for raising funds for the ashram school here in the US. Gita visits the Omkareshwar Ashram and studies with the Swami who runs the school and ashram here. 


Children of Tibet Trust Foundation


Children of Tibet Trust Foundation from Intervmedia on Vimeo.

Vision: We want the children of Tibet to go to school and get an education. Some of them will get a higher education. They will attend agricultural schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities and might become midwives, nurses, physicians, teachers, artists, engineers, economists, etc.

Mission: The children of Tibet are our mission. By helping them, we will help preserve their heritage and improve the well being of all the people of Tibet.

Gita’s Dream & BE yoga Support this organization through the annual DC Kirtan Fest. Several children are funded a year to get an education that they would not have been able to access.