Class Descriptions

Introduction to Yoga – Starting from the Beginning

This fundamental class is great for those who are new to yoga, jumped into yoga without really learning the basics of the asanas (poses), or want to get a refresher of the detail of each asana. Intro to Yoga will help you to bring relaxation, body awareness, mind awareness and centering into your daily life, not just on your yoga mat. We will explore the history of yoga, begin learning yoga philosophy,  practice pranayama (breath work), relaxation, and get into detail with the alignment of each asana and why we do each asana. All body types and abilities are welcome to this class, including pregnant women. You are welcome to take this class multiple times before moving on to the next level!

Mixed Level

This yoga class practices asana, pranayama (breath work), imagery, and relaxation while learning to integrate your yoga practice on the mat with your daily life using yoga philosphy, peace, and compassion. Mixed yoga is based on a hatha yoga that is designed better your body, breath, mind, and spirit. A basic knowledge of the asanas is recommended. All body types and abilities are welcome, including pregnant women.

Kids Yoga Classes

These classes are the almost same as for adults. We do yoga poses, breathing, singing, relaxing and philosophy. Less focus is on alignment and more is on understanding how yoga can help them to make there way as a kid in a stressful world! Various age levels may be given at any given time. Family classes and Parent and Me classes may also be offered.

Very Gentle Yoga

A yoga class that moves slowly and provides a supportive environment for people looking for a gentler yoga class. Great for a viariety of people, including those with chronic pain or ongoing physical limitations, those recovering from illness or injury, postnatal women, seniors, or anyone looking for a less physically challening yoga class that still provides the benefits of yoga. All body types and abilities are welcome, including pregnant women.

Morning Practice

More than Asana is designed for anyone who wants more of the whole yoga experience. We will spend more time on pranayama, relaxation, meditation, chanting and yogic teachings than most classes, while still practicing our asana. Join us to begin or end your day with an OM. All body types and abilities are welcome, including pregnant women.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is great during pregnancy, labor, and after birth. Learn poses, breathing exercises and visualizations to help you through each aspect of your birth experience. Get to know your body as it changes and help it to adjust. Maintain strength and flexibility while giving you and baby a chance to relax. Center and prepare yourself for birth and motherhood. Connect with your baby as you prepare for a new life together. Enjoy sharing this experience with other expecting moms in your community! (I do not currently keep this class going, but if you have a group of women interested, please contact me and I am happy to teach!)


Kirtan is the art of devotional yoga. Kirtan is singing in a call-and-response format and is said to the be the fastest way to enlightenment. In my life, Kirtan has been the manifestation of the joy and spirit within all of us as a human race. Singing and dancing are encouraged. No knowledge necessary. YES! Kids are very welcome to join us!

Private individual or group classes

Classes made just for you! I have worked with semi professional athletes, musicians, those suffering or recovering from illness or injury, couples wanting to do yoga together, and many who are just beginning their yoga journey. These sessions are designed regarding your needs and desires. We can work at a studio that I provide or a place of your choosing – inside or out! If you are interested in my work with children with special needs please look at my Yoga for the Special Child page. Private groups are also a possibility. Anything is possible from a brownie troop, to a mom and me group, to mom’s (or dad’s) night out. I can develop a class for any level. These are especially fun when hosted at the yurt.