Krista is the third yoga teacher that I’ve taken an introductory yoga course with – and she is by far the best! ~Leslie


After beginning yoga with Krista in September, my breathing has improved significantly, according to my pulmonary tests during my annual physical six months later. ~ Nancy


After my very first yoga clas with Krista – even as a raw beginner – I was amazed at how relaxed and at ease I felt. Krista’s patient and calming presence immediately put’s one at ease. I can honestly say that my best night’s sleep is on Tuesdays after Krista’s peaceful evening class. I highly recommend Krista’s class to those beginners who may be hesitant to try
yoga. ~ Anonymous


If you can get to a yoga class taught by Krista Zember, do it! If I could, I would practice yoga with Krista every single day, maybe every single breath. I have been told that what matters is the yoga, not the teacher. The yoga has been going on for thousands of years before Krista taught it to us, and it will be around for thousands of years after we are forgotten. But I don’t blame students for spelling “yoga” k-r-i-s-t-a. Krista’s influence is as blinding as her gigantic smile. She can perfect people’s poses with the press of a finger and move from silliness to profundity in the span of a sentence. Her fresh, jubilant and always amusing methods are unique. What more do you want?

Krista has used yoga to rise above illness and injury, a particular inspiration to me. Four years ago at this time, it looked like I was in corpse pose for keeps. A rare virus called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome sent me to the E.R. at Sibley and almost killed me. The virus is permanent and has left me with chronic post-herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ. I lost my semi-glamorous job writing about movie stars and directors for USA Today.

But my pain specialist told me to do yoga, and yoga took me to Krista. I have had three brain surgeries, but only one has helped me. Krista, on the other hand, helped me every time I worked with her. Her eagle eye spotted suspect aspects to my mountain pose that other mentors missed. Yoga hasn’t cured my illness. I still use a mountain of pills, potions and lotions. It has taken me a long time to write what you are reading now because of the pain. But Krista taught me something startling: when I combine the poses and deep breathing, the pain recedes or even disappears. If Krista’s yoga can that for me, think what it can do for you. Namaste! ~Andy


The year 2006 was a year of transition for me. I was dealing with the grieving process of a tough breakup and set several goals for myself in order to feel better and be healthier. One of those goals was to start a yoga class. At the time, I knew very little about yoga. I knew nothing of the different styles or teaching of yoga.
I was nervous about taking the class. My body type wasn’t slender or tiny. I never considered myself to be flexible. However, I found a wonderful class and a amazing teacher in Krista.
She accepted me and my body style immediately. She did not judge or make me feel unaccepted in any way. Her warmth and kindness drew me to her instantly. I knew after a few classes that I would follow Krista and her teachings of yoga.
Yoga helped me find my center. It allowed me to relax and look at life differently. I noticed immediate results. For years, I had struggled with stress and emotional swings before my monthly cycle. After I began yoga, those emotional swings lessened and my body’s reaction to stress changed.
Krista is an amazing teacher! I plan to stay with her for many decades!